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Bus Gates and LTNs to divide and gridlock our city

Here is what you need to know about getting around Oxford now that the County Council has announced plans alongside LTNs to install 'bus gates' on key arterial roads across Oxford.

Map of bus gates and LTNs that will divide and gridlock Oxford

This map shows the plans for bus-gates, and all the LTNs including the paused one in Headington. It illustrates the impact on anyone travelling in or out of the city.

Five zones

The plans effectively divide Oxford into five zones

  • North Oxford

  • Headington and Marston

  • Cowley, Temple Cowley, and Blackbird Leys

  • Iffley Road, Iffley, Rose Hill, and Abingdon Road

  • Botley Road and Osney.

It’s possible to travel between Cowley and Iffley Road via the Plain but to traverse between any other sector the ring road has to be used.

Access to the Hospitals in Headington will have to be:

  1. via Marsh Lane and Headley Way

  2. via London Road, then either Windmill Road and old Road for the NOC or the Churchill or Headley Way for the JR

  3. via the Slade, Old Road for the Churchill, or Windmill Road, London Road for the JR/NOC

No other route will be possible. This will have a major impact on the majority of hospital staff who do not live in Headington; it will also have a major impact on bus services with gridlock impacting access to the hospitals

Access to the M40 to London or Northbound from East Oxford

This will require a journey round the Ring Road which is already gridlocked. This will interfere with the A34 trunk route linking Southampton and Portsmouth to the North.

Oxford’s Housing is expensive so many workers have to travel in from the county towns such as Abingdon, Witney and Bicester; their journeys will be massively impacted.

Vote John Skinner, Independent


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