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Notes from Your Doorstep

John is going door-to-door asking residents of St Mary's about their concerns as well as asking for their support.

Doctors concern at delays in reaching hospitals

Two junior doctors living in the Iffley Fields part of St Mary’s have expressed concern about delays in getting to work after road barriers (LTNs) are introduced. Fears have been increased by the news that as well as blocking roads throughout St Mary’s the council has plans for a “bus gate” in St Clement’s to prevent cars travelling from East Oxford up Headington Hill or down Marston Road.

Drivers from this ward and St Clement’s will only be able to reach the Headington hospitals by travelling around the road road, which adds miles to their journey and is jammed at busy times.

One doctor works shifts at hospitals in Reading– she will vote for an Independent candidate because “no-one listens”. Another junior doctor works at hospitals in Headington. "I’m on call regularly covering three hospitals and I get called out at night. Why do I have to go round the ring road?”

Their comments were made to John Skinner as the candidate canvassed in the area.

A couple who have disabilities use their car for hospital appointments and to visit relatives. They have a Blue Badge to allow them to park but fear that they will find it more difficult to get about. Their lives will become more confined. "How much pollution is caused by sitting in queues waiting to get to places?"

A builder said that his work would also be disrupted and was totally supportive of the campaign to stop the LTNs. “How can I carry my tools on the bus?”

Even those who do not have a car can see that the LTN plan will not work. “It is not fair to push all the pollution onto the main roads,” one resident told us.

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Notes from Your Doorstep 20/2/2022
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