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Notes from Your Doorstep

John Skinner is going door-to-door talking with residents in St Mary's.

Doorstep conversations bring you up with the reality of people’s lives and the impact of bad policy making.

Parking is a recurring issue

A couple I was speaking to noticed how a neighbour with a disability often has to park her car several streets away and then hobble to and from home, because their road was full of parked cars. The pressure on our side streets will be made worse when all the parking spaces on Cowley and Iffley Roads are removed to make way for “Quickways” (bringing added danger to the main roads).

I am looking closely at schemes in force in Cambridge where both Cambridge University and Anglia Ruskin (their equivalent to Brookes) require students to register their cars and display a licence which does not give parking rights. Cambridge University students can be fined up to £175 for having a car within 10 miles of the city centre without carrying the University Licence, and these are only issued on the recommendation of the student’s tutor (e.g on medical grounds). Oxford University for many years had a ban on students bringing cars into the city – but if this still exists it is not enforced.

Find out more about the Cambridge University Scheme:

Find out more about the Cambridge Anglia Ruskin Scheme (Section H. Keeping or driving a car in Cambridge) :

Would restricting student cars be fair or discriminatory?

Given the huge pressure on parking, this is something we should discuss. If elected I will explore options for a Cambridge style scheme in our city.

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Notes from Your Doorstep 20/2/2022
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