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Notes from Your Doorstep

Notes from conversations this week as John goes door-to-door talking with residents in St Mary's.

Insulation and carbon emissions in our homes

The need to insulate our homes is a strong issue. People are waking up to the need to cut their bills and carbon emissions. Doing this work can be expensive but is cost effective and has no downside. John is going to press the council to speed up its work plans on council houses and to make sure that this is not only about solar panels – insulating the houses should be a major priority and there should be more central support and advice.

John is following up with one resident who wants to see Oxford City Council support a kind of self-build scheme under which groups of residents can insulate their own homes, working together. The council could offer training and materials at cost and provide scaffolding to the Library of Things in Oxford which can then be borrowed by households. A buildings control inspector could be seconded to oversee the scheme and check that work is done to high standards. Another resident is waiting for the council to start work to insulate her council house. The work seems to progress slowly with endless meetings and visits and long delays.

We will only mention the following exchange about LTNs:

“Hello. I am canvassing on behalf of John Skinner.”

“Sorry, but I am a Green Party member.”

“OK, so you are pretty happy with the LTN proposal then?”

Pause: “No, not really.” Closes door thoughtfully.



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Notes from Your Doorstep 20/2/2022
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