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John Skinner
Your Independent

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Welcome to the One St Mary's website. We supported John Skinner as the Independent Oxford Alliance candidate in the St Mary's City Council Election on Thursday 2nd May 2024 


John is standing again in the 2024 Elections along with nine other Independents.  Please help John for this campaign and vote for him on May 2nd.   
Last time from a standing start John came a highly creditable third  with 435 votes, this time people have had experience of the LTNs and on the doorstep there is significant support for Independent candidates and the messages they have been raising.
The campaign for a socially just and truly green policy of reducing pollution in our streets without carving up our communities will continue.

Let's make St Mary's flourish!

Keep Oxford Moving

We are One St Mary's

One St Mary's campaigns to develop community solutions - including alternatives to road closures.

One St Mary's:

  • Supports moves to enforce speed limits

  • Promotes cycling and walking

  • Is in favour of inclusive consultation for all current and future local traffic plans

  • Opposes LTNs that threaten jobs and businesses

  • Promotes a contract for considerate and safe road use – by all road users

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Latest News and Views

Stories from the Hustings

(All stories from residents and businesses have been shared by us with their consent, with some requests for anonymity)

Sarah, Hurst Street

"I don't believe that traffic on the Iffley Rd is going to just evaporate. The LTN changes advertised in the consultation will make Hurst St and Catherine St a through-run for road-users to avoid the gridlock. More traffic on our side streets isn't a solution."

Driving instructor living in St Mary’s 

“LTNs will make my life and business very difficult.  Trade in Cowley Centre has been massively reduced by what they have done there.”

Shopkeeper, Cowley Road

"I am really worried about the consequences of the LTNs. My father campaigned against the closures in the 1980s when he ran the shop. I  have had to stop selling anything bulky because it is already impossible for people to pick things up." 

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